We’re An Official 501c3!

We just got our official 501c3 approval letter from the IRS! We were expecting to get this back around the end of the year. We heard of one group who had people praying daily for a quick turnaround and got it done in three months. Ours came back in exactly one month! 

We were praying for a fast turnaround, but everybody we’ve talked to today has said this is the fastest they’ve heard of the IRS responding to a 501c3 request. It has been really exciting to see how many doors God seems to be opening for this ministry, even in the first six weeks of us existing as an organization.

All donations to ERI are now tax-deductible, and every gift that was given to us before now is retroactively tax-deductible.

We are so excited about the work we’ve been doing, but we have only raised 13% of our goal for the year. Raising the funds we need to accomplish our mission is our biggest obstacle right now.

Would you partner with us to train pro-life advocates to be more persuasive by signing up to give a small monthly gift? You can do so here: EqualRightsInstitute.com/donate

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