Employment, Internship, and Volunteer Opportunities

Open Staff Positions

ERI is excited about the work we’re doing, but in order for us to fill our potential we also need to grow our team. At this point, we can only hire people who can raise at least a significant portion of their own financial support, but that will change as our funding increases, which is important because some of these positions would be easier to fund through support-raising than others.

If you’re interested in joining our team, either as a full-time or part-time staff member or as an intern, email Josh directly with a resume and references

Here are some of the positions we would like to see filled:


We would like to hire a full-time development director. This person would have primary responsibility over General Fund strategy and fundraising, including: cultivating major donors; seeking grant opportunities; maintaining donor relationships; aiding in budget development based on projected income and expenses; and managing our donor information using a software database. Due to the nature of these responsibilities, some travel is expected.


We are interested in growing our Philosophy Team. We are especially seeking critical thinkers who can also write. One of the functions of the members of the Philosophy Team is to push against each other’s ideas and help shape the organization’s thinking on complex issues and new developments. Other prospective job functions include writing posts for the blog, writing scripts for video content, and recording podcasts and videos.


We are looking to hire a Course Coach to work behind the scenes with people going through our two courses. This person would interact with students when they get stuck and try to help people complete the course and implement what they learned at outreach or on the sidewalk in front of an abortion facility. This is most likely a part-time job, so this position could be combined with another, such as the Social Media Manager or Logistics Support roles.


We would like to hire someone who can spend the time necessary to elevate our social media presence. Aspects of this role include scheduling frequent social media posts (our most common recurring posts are currently images with quotes from our training content and links to evergreen content) and interacting with commenters on both social media and the blog. Ideally, the person who fills this role will contribute ideas for brand development and content strategy for different media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube). This person would either need to be trained in Photoshop or be willing to be trained in Photoshop, as they would also process the pictures taken at events. This is most likely a part-time job, so this position could be combined with another, such as the Course Coach or Logistics Support roles.


We are interested in hiring an A/V-savvy editor with technical skills. This person would set up camera and lighting equipment for film shoots and be the primary editor of all video and audio content, including both podcasts. Ideally, this person could also help with IT-related tasks, such as video uploads and webpage loading speed optimization. Due to the need to work in the studio and manage physical storage media, candidates for this position must be local to (or willing to relocate to) the Charlotte, NC area.


We are looking to hire someone to handle logistics for event and travel planning. The person in this role would coordinate rental cars, flight plans, host homes, event dates, and speaking fees for ERI events, such as campus speaking opportunities, outreach events, and the annual March for Life trip. This is most likely a part-time job, so this position could be combined with another, such as the Course Coach or Social Media Manager.



We offer internships in multiple areas of content production. Previous interns have written articles, edited videos, and translated subtitles for video content. If you’re interested in an internship, please email Andrew Kaake at andrew@equalrightsinstitute.com.



Non-profits need both donors and volunteers to make a big impact. If you’d be open to helping us, either in the Charlotte area, or remotely via a computer, please take the form below and we’ll reach out to you as soon as we have a possible project for you!