Training Pro-Life Advocates to Think Clearly, Reason Honestly, and Argue Persuasively

Introducing Equal Rights Institute

ERI is dedicated to equipping the pro-life movement to argue intelligently, honestly, and persuasively about abortion. We teach relational dialogue tips and the top pro-life arguments in blog articles, videos, podcasts, and our two full-length courses. Our goal isn’t just to help you win a debate, but to show you how to help pro-choice people change their mind. We provide responses to the toughest pro-choice arguments, based in questions of personhood, bodily autonomy, and self-defense, and we treat pro-choice people with respect by responding to the strongest version of their arguments.

You can be a more confident and gracious pro-life advocate; we’re here to help.

LATEST ARTICLE: Abortion and Resurrection: An Easter Reflection

With Easter in mind, Andrew offers a reflection on being pro-life and the evil of abortion in light of Jesus’ resurrection.

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LATEST PODCAST: Intellectual Honesty, Transparency, and the Pro-Life Movement (with Apologist Dr. Randal Rauser)

Josh’s favorite Christian apologist, Dr. Randal Rauser, joins the show. Randal describes himself as “progressively Evangelical and generously Orthodox.” Josh asks him about open-mindedness, his observations about the pro-life movement, when it’s appropriate to call leaders out publicly, and the difference between an “agitation apologetics model” and an “agreement apologetics model.”

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LATEST VIDEO: How to Dialogue with Crazy Extremists: Three Lessons I Learned from Teaching Philosophy

Does it feel like you’ll never be able to have a dialogue with those crazy extremists on the other side of the abortion debate (or any other issue)? In this video, incoming staff member and PhD candidate Rebecca Carlson explains how to make good conversations possible. Drawing from her experience teaching dialogue skills to philosophy students, Rebecca shares three lessons, highlighting both that bad dialogue isn’t a problem limited to any one side of any debate and that we have the power to make conversations better.

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One Thing Every Pastor Can Do to Prevent Abortions in Their Congregation

I’d like to suggest one minimal leadership decision that any pastor or parish priest can make that is likely to save lives within their congregations: make a public commitment on behalf of the whole church that they will treat women who become pregnant with grace and compassion instead of shame and rejection.

Click below to read about this idea, practical tips for sharing the idea with your pastor, as well as a pledge for pastors to take.

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Just two months after starting Equal Rights Institute, Josh and Timothy Brahm gave their first seminar together on pro-life dialogue. In order for that to be possible, they had to very quickly take their growing body of original content and combine it with the most helpful tools they had learned from other pro-life leaders.

From August 2014 to August 2016 only about four hundred individuals had the opportunity to experience ERI’s full seminar in pro-life dialogue. Until now.

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