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Arguing From Equality: The Personhood of Human Embryos

When I teach pro-life apologetics, I usually explain that there are two primary disagreements between the pro-life side and the pro-choice side and then a bunch of distracting arguments that are about other issues that do not address abortion ethics. Most pro-life people are familiar with the first primary disagreement. These are pro-choice arguments that deny the personhood of the unborn child. People argue about what constitutes a person and then explain how the human embryo does or does not qualify. Notice that this is a philosophical question, not a scientific one. Science tells us what is killed during abortion: an embryo or fetus that is living, whole, and human. Philosophy tells us whether or not that human embryo’s life is valuable.

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LATEST VIDEO: Is Abortion 14 Times Safer Than Childbirth?

Rachel Crawford gives an overview of what our Speaking Fellow, John Ferrer, argues in his article on our blog with the same title. The claim that abortion is 14 times safer than childbirth comes from a single, poorly-researched study with uncorroborated results.

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LATEST PODCAST: LIVE SPEECH AUDIO: Keynotes and Panel Q&A with Josh Brahm & David Bereit

We just posted the audio from our favorite pro-life event of 2017! Last November The Holy Family Respect Life Committee, in conjunction with Charles County Right to Life, invited Josh Brahm and David Bereit to speak at their annual pro-life conference in Southern Maryland.

They both gave keynote speeches and then took questions on a panel. Topics include how the pro-life movement can become more effective, how college students are shaping the pro-life movement, using social media for good, increasing local activism levels, what we can learn from the same-sex marriage movement, and more!

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2019-2020 Open Internships!

Equal Rights Institute is currently accepting internship applications for the Spring-Summer 2020 cycle. Open positions include a writing internships and an A/V editing internship, the latter of which must be filled by someone in the metro-Charlotte area.

Read more about the internship positions and what former ERI interns have said about their experience by clicking the button below.

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One Thing Every Pastor Can Do to Prevent Abortions in Their Congregation

I’d like to suggest one minimal leadership decision that any pastor or parish priest can make that is likely to save lives within their congregations: make a public commitment on behalf of the whole church that they will treat women who become pregnant with grace and compassion instead of shame and rejection.

Click below to read about this idea, practical tips for sharing the idea with your pastor, as well as a pledge for pastors to take.

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Purchase the Equipped for Life Course!

Just two months after starting Equal Rights Institute, Josh and Timothy Brahm gave their first seminar together on pro-life dialogue. In order for that to be possible, they had to very quickly take their growing body of original content and combine it with the most helpful tools they had learned from other pro-life leaders.

From August 2014 to August 2016 only about four hundred individuals had the opportunity to experience ERI’s full seminar in pro-life dialogue. Until now.

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We travel the country giving speeches related to practical dialogue tips, relational apologetics, and rigorous philosophy.

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Equal Rights Institute Turns Four

This month marks the four-year anniversary of the launch of Equal Rights Institute. It’s been an amazing year.

Click below to see a photo gallery of our favorite memories from the last year…

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Learn About Our Advisory Board!

We’ve purposefully put together an advisory board of people whose advice we not only respect, but who have a diverse set of experiences and areas of expertise. By having all of these people speaking into what we’re doing on an ongoing basis, we’re confident that we can direct Equal Rights Institute into becoming the best that it can be.

This advisory board is different than our Board of Directors, who meet quarterly to provide accountability, go over our financial reports, and make the decisions that only a Board of Directors can make. In contrast, the members of the Board of Advisors will meet with Josh one-on-one at least once a year to discuss our vision and offer their counsel.

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