Equal Rights Institute has two online courses, listed below with links to learn more and purchase:

Equipped for Life Course

Become a more persuasive pro-life advocate.

We spent years carefully testing arguments
against abortion in thousands of
conversations all over the country.

We have learned which arguments are the
most persuasive to today’s pro-choice

We have learned how to communicate them in
ways that they find compelling.

Find out what we’ve learned in our
comprehensive course.


Sidewalk Counseling Masterclass

Become a better sidewalk counselor.

In my years as a sidewalk counselor, I have learned
how many women coming to an abortion clinic haven’t
decided if they want an abortion that day.

I have developed successful methods for how to
start conversations with abortion-minded people so
that we can offer them resources and help that they
need to leave the clinic and
choose life for their child.

Find out in this course what I’ve learned that
has helped save the lives of more than 60 babies.
~ Jacob Nels