Learn to Make Good Arguments—Instead of This One

At Equal Rights Institute, we train people to have good conversations about abortion. Our blog articles, podcasts, and videos teach dialogue skills and arguments to help you make the best case for the pro-life position.

Usually, we highlight good arguments that you should try to use in your conversations, but sometimes we also point out arguments that you definitely want to avoid. Just because we believe that there are good arguments against abortion doesn’t mean we believe every argument against abortion is good.

Josh thinks one argument in particular is worse than any other that pro-life people use.

In fact, the ideas behind this common pro-life argument actually make more sense for the pro-choice position! You can learn what this argument is, and what makes it such a bad pro-life argument, in our free PDF, “The One Pro-Life Argument You Should NEVER Use.”



“Your organization is a beacon of hope for public discourse on the pressing
issue of abortion. I can’t say I know of another organization that
approaches the issue in so understanding and comprehensive a manner.”
-Andrew Becker, Davidson College Class of ’18


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