“Josh Brahm is one of the brightest, most articulate, and innovative people in the pro-life movement. His cutting-edge work is helping people think more clearly, communicate more effectively, and — most importantly — be better ambassadors for Christ. I wholeheartedly endorse Josh’s work, and I encourage you to join me in following Josh and getting involved in his work today!”

~ David Bereit, National Director, 40 Days for Life

“Josh Brahm has been a great asset to the pro-life movement in affecting how we talk about abortion and win people to our side. He is a great communicator and can help anyone better articulate the pro-life position. It’s not only his arguments that are effective, but also the innovative and creative ways he presents them. Josh is a great ambassador for the pro-life movement, and we’re excited to work with Equal Rights Institute on campuses nationwide to help train the next generation of pro-life activists.”

~ Kristan Hawkins, President, Students for Life of America

“Equal Rights Institute delivers high-definition communication tools that not only clarify, control, motivate, provides release and facilitates decision making, but tools that ultimately ensure communication has in fact taken place.”

~ Walter B. Hoye II, Founder and President, Issues4Life Foundation

“Josh Brahm is a gift to the pro-life movement! His keen insights into how pro-choice people think — and how we pro-lifers can best dialogue with them — are desperately needed today. With his enthusiasm, curiosity and penetrating intelligence, Josh is transforming the way pro-life people talk about the abortion issue, and helping us all to share the pro-life message more effectively.”

~ Eric Scheidler, Executive Director, Pro-Life Action League

“Josh Brahm is brilliant. He’s intelligent, good-humored, and communicative. Josh not only trains pro-lifers to find common ground and build meaningful relationships, he walks the walk himself. Speaking as an agnostic pro-lifer, I’ve been very impressed by how Josh strives to understand where secular pro-lifers are coming from and how he can make us feel included in his work. His care and thoughtfulness inspires many of us to also work harder for the pro-life cause.”

~ Monica Snyder, West Coast Representative, Secular Pro-Life

“Both Josh Brahm and his brother Tim are, without a doubt in my mind, some of the most careful and gracious thinkers in the pro-life movement. They’ve both consistently demonstrated not only the philosophical prowess to contend with the best arguments for abortion (and to produce some of the strongest arguments against it), but they do so out of and permeated with love. There’s a reason you can read Josh’s stories (yes, plural) of pro-choice friends (yes, friends) becoming pro-life. And that reason is the best apologetic for starting a ministry under these two brothers: the pro-life world needs more compassion and more love.”

~ James Arnold, Editor-in-Chief for Evangelical Outpost

“Your work has helped to revolutionize my paradigms in how I view, and interact with, those with opposing views. It has been influential in helping me to genuinely respect and value pro-choice people. You’ve also motivated me to seek to genuinely understand and engage their actual arguments honestly and carefully, instead of misrepresenting their view to make it easier for me to ‘win’. Pro-choice people are not arguments to win. They are people to love.”

~ Jasmin Aprile

“Working with Josh has without a doubt improved my ability to communicate about abortion more effectively and has helped me to overcome any fears of having conversations with pro-choice people. Since applying the tools that were given to me (which I will use for the rest of my life,) I can say that every single conversation I’ve had with a pro-choice person has been pleasant and gratifying.”

~ Mari Lupercio, Director, Latinos4Life

“Your work has helped me transition my abortion dialogues from an adversarial competition into a open and honest discussion where I can find common ground and speak compassionately to those with whom I disagree.”

~ Jacob Simon

“I originally heard Josh at the Students for Life Conference and knew we had to get him to our campus. I appreciated his ‘no straw men!’ approach and saw immediately how it would impact students on both sides of the debate and move the conversation in a more productive direction. His presentation to our students was professional, engaging, and well-received.”

~Patrick Ford, Director of Catholic Student Leadership and Formation

“Josh’s message was so refreshing for us to hear.  We learned so much from his dynamic and captivating talks.  We feel so motivated and refreshed going forward as pro-life activists.”

~Katie Fenton, Students for Life Ireland

From Event Attendees


“I was pro-choice before Sunday, because I was completely ignorant. I’m definitely pro-life now.”

There were many arguments (for both sides of the issue) that I had either never heard before or never thought of in the way she said them. I learned a lot and I’m glad I came.”

“Great wisdom, insights about dialogue recommendations about abortion for any audience.