ERI Affiliate Group Program

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Learn from our team of expert pro-life advocates how your group can make an impact for life in your community. ERI Affiliate Groups are pro-life groups of all sizes and types who come together around ERI’s unique approach and apologetics materials in order to maximize their effectiveness in pro-life advocacy.

Are you a college club? Church group? Youth group? High school group? Right-to-Life club? Community group? 

Are you just starting out? Already have over 100 members? 

All are welcome here. We’ll meet you where you’re at and be here for every step of your journey.

You’ll receive:

  • One-on one, personalized mentoring from one of ERI’s Club Coaches to help your pro-life group reach its full potential.
  • Free lifetime access for an unlimited number of group members to the Equipped for Life Course and Sidewalk Counseling Masterclass.
  • Preferential access and discounts to ERI speakers for events.
  • A set of 50 complementary ERI Outreach Brochures to use at your club’s outreaches and/or sidewalk counseling after completion of the Equipped for Life Course.
  • Private access to our library of ERI Digital Kits with tips and how-to-guides for running an active and effective pro-life group.

Kit topics include:

  • Creating a Professional Club Brand
  • Recruitment & Retainment
  • Running Meetings that Keep Your Members Coming Back
  • Fundraising 101
  • Starting a Pro-Life Outreach
  • Designing Your Own Pro-Life Display
  • Your Club on Social Media 
  • Hosting a Pro-Life Speaker
  • Taking a Trip to the Abortion Facility
  • Building Relationships With Your Local Pregnancy Resource Center

Dual affiliation with ERI and another organization is welcome!

ERI Affiliate Group Program statistics: total clubs, 38; total active memberships: 1664; states: 19; countries: 3


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Testimonials about ERI’s Impact on Clubs:

“ERI is really the foundation for Voice for Life at Johns Hopkins; it has helped our club members develop logical and effective strategies to convey feelings we couldn’t really put into words. I’m so thankful for ERI! It has given me and VfL the confidence and compassion to stand up for what we believe in.” ~ Annie

“ERI’s guidance has been a lifesaver for our club! Prior to ERI’s help, we had a small club that struggled to interact with pro-choice students on our campus. After going through the course material with help from Emily, we have had so many productive conversations with pro-choice people. Our club is growing in size and in enthusiasm, and our club members feel more comfortable having difficult conversations. We are so grateful for ERI!” ~ Avery

“Joining the Affiliate Group Program has been a game-changer for my adult county right to life chapter. The Equipped for Life Course we received from the program is an absolute 10/10 must take for any pro-life advocate! In going through this course, my mindset on debating abortion was completely changed, and my confidence level rose with each module I went through with my chapter. Knowing how to effectively dialogue on abortion issues is so important, and can make the difference in saving a life. For anyone who struggles to communicate with pro-choice people: THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU ❤” ~ Anna

“ERI’s affiliate program has been a game changer for our club. Being on a college campus can be challenging, but the materials and coaching we receive through the program (along with ERI’s winsome strategy) have allowed us to slowly but surely start changing the culture here.” ~ Ethan

Thanks to ERI, I have learned and used amazing pro-life arguments I didn’t even know existed before. More importantly, though, ERI has helped me better listen, empathize, and build common ground in my conversations.” ~ Oscar

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