Equal Rights Institute is now renting out its video and podcast studio for use. The studio is located eight minutes northwest of downtown Concord, NC.

Audio Equipment List:

  • 1 Tascam DP-24SD Digital Multitrack Recorder;
    • Simultaneous 8-track recording; 
    • Intuitive channel-strip-style controls make tracking and mixing easy;
    • Able to bring on up to two FaceTime/Skype guests;
    • Easily save finished tracks to an SD card or export them to your computer via USB.
  • 3 Heil PR 40 Dynamic Studio Recording Cardioid Microphones, including pop filter, shock mount, and adjustable stand;
  • 3 dbx 286s Microphone Pre-amp Processors;
    • Studio quality Mic Preamp/Channel Strip Processor;
    • Classic dox Compression puts great sound within easy reach;
    • Frequency tunable De-Esser reduces sibilance and high-frequency distortion;
    • Enhancer increases the detail and definition of the high and low frequencies;
    • Program adaptive Expander/Gate.
  • 1 Mackie HM-4 Headphone Amplifier
    • Share a single stereo source with up to 4 pairs of headphones
    • Individual level control for each output



Video Equipment List:

For pricing and terms, read our studio rental agreement.

Follow the steps below to request a reservation:

Step 1: Check our studio availability:

First, click this link to open our studio calendar in Google Calendar. By adding this as a calendar you’ll be able to see when the studio is already reserved. You won’t see the reservation details, but you’ll see blocks of time that say “busy.”

Step 2: Request a reservation:

After submitting the reservation request we’ll check on our tech’s availability and get back to you with options. Thanks!