Students for Life Conference 2017

The ERI pro-life sessions from the 2017 Students for Life of America conference in D.C. have been posted!

Pro-Life Apologetics

This talk includes a few ideas that we’ve never spoken publicly about before.

The speech includes these topics:

  • Why we avoid accusing people of committing logical fallacies, and what we do instead;
  • The four-step method of trotting out a toddler that we’ve found to be most effective;
  • How to respond and how NOT to respond when people say “No one knows when life begins.”
  • Three reasons why the Equal Rights Argument changes more minds about abortion than any other personhood argument we’ve ever tested;
  • Why every pro-choice person must choose between one of three extremist options;
  • Three implications of standard bodily rights arguments.

Practical Dialogue Tips

We asked Rebecca Haschke from Justice For All to join Josh Brahm for a practical dialogue tips session so that they could spend the last part of the session doing a mock dialogue!


  • Josh Brahm – Tip 1: Ask Lots of Clarification Questions – 00:00
  • Josh Brahm – Tip 2: Don’t Make Arguments with Question Marks  – 05:25
  • Rebecca Haschke – Tip 3: Listen to Understand – 08:03
  • Rebecca Haschke – Tip 4: Find Genuine Common Ground When Possible – 22:51
  • Josh Brahm and Rebecca Haschke – Mock Dialogue – 28:05

Josh’s mic wasn’t turned on at the very beginning of the mock dialogue, so here’s what they said:

Josh: Hi, would you like to sign our poll? What do you think about abortion?
Rebecca: Oh, why don’t I ask you a better question, why do you want to control women’s bodies?!
Josh: Okay, so that’s a great question…


  • Click here to learn more about the Equipped for Life Course.