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Jacob Nels

Jacob Nels,
Sidewalk Counselor

In my years as a sidewalk counselor, I have learned how many women coming to an abortion clinic for their appointment haven’t yet decided if they want to have an abortion that day. I have developed successful methods for how to start conversations with abortion-minded people so that we can offer them resources and help that they need to leave the clinic and choose life for their child. Find out in this course what I’ve learned that has helped save the lives of more than 60 babies.

Often pro-life advocates who have never done sidewalk counseling before are hesitant to get started because they feel like they don’t know what to say or do. Many are afraid they will say the wrong thing. Additionally, there are so many loving people that are already doing the work of going to the clinic, but don’t have access to the training they need to be more effective at reaching abortion-minded people. That is why we have created the Sidewalk Counseling Masterclass.

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