Order ERI Brochures or Sidewalk Counseling Vests

Order ERI Outreach Brochures

Learn more about how to use our outreach brochure with the video below:

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Note: We only charge based on our exact printing and shipping costs for these.

We charge a flat $14.35 for shipping, using a flat-rate box, regardless of how many brochures you order.


Order Sidewalk Counseling Vests

Order a set of sidewalk counseling vests by using the button below. We sell them in pairs and in two colors: orange and yellow.

As we explain in the Sidewalk Counseling Masterclass, don’t wear the same color that clinic escorts wear at the abortion facility you’re standing in front of.

Please specify below whether you want two orange, two yellow, or one of each color.

2 orange; 2 yellow; or 1O, 1Y?

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