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Emily Albrecht


A Little Bit About Me

I am a speaker, writer, and coach with Equal Rights Institute. As the former Co-President of Oles for Life at St. Olaf College, I worked to transform campus culture using ERI’s apologetics to foster respectful and productive dialogues about abortion. At ERI, I use my educational background to write, develop curriculum, head the ERI Affiliate Group Program, and teach pro-life advocates how to change minds, save lives, and promote a culture of life in their communities.

I have a particular passion for reaching the youth of the pro-life movement. As a recent college student, I understand what it feels like to walk unprepared into a culture that is overwhelmingly pro-choice. Until I found ERI, I was faced daily with challenges to the pro-life position that I didn’t know how to answer, and I was afraid to speak out. I want to equip pro-life students with the tools to intimately understand and articulate their pro-life convictions in a productive and compassionate manner.

“The future of our movement lies with our youth. It is pro-life students who sit in classrooms daily with the very women who are most likely to seek an abortion. It is pro-life students who study philosophy, biology, and social justice in their coursework. It is pro-life students who can foster a culture of dialogue, respect, understanding, and intellectual-consistency in academia. I want to empower pro-life students to turn the caricature of the pro-life movement on its head, becoming known as the most loving, respectful, and logical students their campus has ever seen.” ~ Emily Albrecht


What You Can Expect

Here’s what you can expect from me.

  1. Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  2. A personal phone consultation with me prior to your event, so I can better understand how I can best serve you and your audience.
  3. An announcement about your event on my social media channels. (This assumes that your event is open to the public and you want additional visibility for it.)
  4. A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.



Thanks again for considering me for your event. You can take the next step by checking my availability. Just click on the orange button below. For booking, call Jen Westmoreland at 980-721-4564 or email Booking@EqualRightsInstitute.com 




I speak on topics related to helping pro-life people have better conversations with pro-choice people. I will customize my presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs. My goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create. My most requested speeches are listed below, but keep in mind that I can also teach a half-day or full-day seminar that will give your audience a much more in-depth experience.


Six Practical Dialogue Tips: What We’ve Learned from Talking with 5,000 Pro-Choice People

In this lecture, Emily will share ERI’s best tips for creating a conversational environment in which people are most likely to change their viewpoint. Some of these are tips ERI has developed and used since its inception, while others are more fresh, the product of continual engagement with pro-choice people. This is one of Emily’s most fun and engaging speeches, filled with great stories of real conversations to illustrate these important points.  


Understanding and Responding to “My Body, My Choice”

The strongest pro-choice argument is one that grants the entire pro-life case that the unborn is a full human being (like an adult). But it goes on to claim that abortion should still be legal because women have a right to control their own bodies. Pro-life advocates shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss these “bodily rights” arguments, but they also don’t need to be afraid of them. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to sharing the pro-life message, Emily will give listeners a road map for making a powerful case against these arguments. The audience will leave ready to engage any pro-choice advocate who defends abortion with “bodily rights” arguments.  


The Most Persuasive Pro-Life Argument

In 2013, a group of advocates from multiple pro-life organizations started heavily experimenting with different ways of arguing for the personhood of the unborn. The results were astonishing and proved to be more effective at changing the minds of pro-choice people than any other argument advocates have used in the past. It’s called the Equal Rights Argument. This argument masterfully takes premises that most pro-choice people already strongly agree with, and demonstrates that the only reasonable conclusion is that the unborn is a person with a right to live.  


Eight Faulty Pro-Life Arguments and Tactics

Want to be the most effective pro-life ambassador possible? This presentation will certainly help you do that! While surprising to some audiences, pro-lifers occasionally make arguments that are easily refutable. They also sometimes use tactics during abortion debates that are counter-productive. Emily carefully analyzes eight examples in this presentation.


In regards to timing, all of these speeches are able to be adjusted for your desired length of time. Most commonly, they are an hour in length, including a Q&A session. (35–45 minutes talking, 15–25 minutes Q&A)



Equipped for Life: A Fresh Approach to Conversations About Abortion

Equal Rights Institute’s Emily Albrecht will teach you what ERI’s team has learned about changing pro-choice minds about abortion after years of carefully testing arguments in thousands of conversations all over the country. We have learned which arguments are the most persuasive to today’s pro-choice advocates. We have learned how to communicate them in ways that they find compelling. Find out what we’ve learned in this comprehensive full-day or half-day seminar.


In regards to timing, the seminar can be adjusted for your desired length of time. Most commonly, they are 6.5–7 hours in length, including a Q&A session and a 45-minute break for a meal.