Links to some of our most substantive work.

Autumn in the Sovereign Zone: Why “It’s My Body, I Can Do What I Want” Won’t Do
Timothy Brahm explains how to understand different types of bodily rights arguments and then shows how he refutes the “Sovereign Zone” argument.

De Facto Guardian and Abortion: A Response to the Strongest Violinist (PDF)
Josh and Tim Brahm were privileged to participate in a philosophy study group with folks from the Justice For All community. Stephen Wagner, writing for the group, completed the first draft of a long-awaited paper detailing a response to what they believe is the toughest pro-choice argument, a bodily rights argument that claims that a woman has a legal right to refuse to allow the unborn to use her body, especially in the case of rape and very early in pregnancy (a version of the Violinist argument). Their response is available here. An MP3 of Josh Brahm teaching this argument is available here.

Abortion Images: A Case for Disagreement without Division
How ERI uses abortion images and a call for civility between pro-life people who debate about this topic.

Why Pro-Life Advocates Are Not Responsible for the Planned Parenthood Shooting
Many pro-choice people have responded to the recent shooting by blaming pro-life advocates. In this article I show why such claims are completely unjustified by analyzing culpability and what it means to incite violence.

Why Even Thomson’s Violinist Condemns Planned Parenthood’s Selling Baby Parts
The silence from pro-choice people in response to the CMP Planned Parenthood videos is deafening. In this post Timothy Brahm explains why they should be furious with Planned Parenthood too.

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