2019-2020 Open Internships!

Equal Rights Institute is currently accepting internship applications for the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 cycle.

Writing Internship (Remote or Local)

Equal Rights Institute is seeking writing interns to contribute articles on the ERI blog. Responsibilities include: pitching article ideas, writing article drafts, peer editing articles by other interns, and helping with the blog publishing process. Writing interns will work with and be supervised by Rachel Crawford, ERI’s Director of Training. This internship can be remote, and it can last either the school year or one full year. Email rachel@equalrightsinstitute.com with your resume and two writing samples to apply or ask for more information.

A/V Editing Internship (Local to Charlotte)

Equal Rights Institute is seeking interns to work on audio/video editing, no A/V experience necessary. Responsibilities include: editing video and sound files, managing equipment for shooting, and transferring files across different physical media. Because of the nature of the work, interns must be local to the Charlotte, NC area. Internships can last either a semester or a full school year. Email rachel@equalrightsinstitute.com with your resume to apply or ask for more information.

Hear from Ryan Everson, one of our writing interns about his experience interning for us:

“ERI taught me how to better communicate the pro-life message and refine my writing skills. ERI is very thorough in vetting all of its content, and I greatly benefited from working with their full-time staff. If you have a passion for pro-life advocacy, you should definitely consider interning for ERI. The ERI staff is incredibly well-informed on this issue and they have many years of wisdom and experience, from which you will benefit immensely. If you are looking to pursue a career in the pro-life movement, ERI is the best organization you could hope to intern for.

Hear from Megan Ryser, one of our A/V interns about her experience interning for us:

“I learned so much about pro-life apologetics. Spending hours editing audio and listening to Josh and Tim’s podcasts were fundamental in forming my pro-life views. My knowledge of Premiere Pro and Encoder are transferable skills that make me a more successful professional. My technical skills I learned while interning got me my last internship (working in Marketing and Comms for a local government). My podcasting background gave me the initial skills I needed to script, record, edit, and launch the first public local government podcast in the state of Ohio. Likewise, A/V editing for ERI taught me a lot of discipline, time-management, and attention to detail that have made me a better club president, employee, and manager. I owe so much of my current success to ERI. Josh put a lot of faith in my abilities and my independence to complete projects. I gained a lot of confidence in my abilities and learned a lot more than just editing.”

Our previous local intern, Lauren, says:

“In order to have a firm foundation for what we believe as pro-lifers, we must understand why, and ERI gives you the tools to think for yourself and understand why exactly we take such a strong stance against abortion. They care about you as a person, and make sure that you are benefiting the most you possibly can during your time with them. Interning at ERI is no easy task, but I have learned so many good things there, that if I had it all to do over again, I would intern here again in a heartbeat.

Another previous ERI intern says:

“If you want to make a meaningful contribution to the pro-life movement while also developing your professional skills, then this internship is for you.”