Would You Be Willing to Be an ERI Host Home?

Dear Friend,

ERI speakers (Josh and Tim Brahm, and eventually others) will be making a lot of trips around the country to speak at colleges, meet with the Students for Life club leaders we’re investing in, and lead pro-life campus outreaches. A typical trip will involve us renting a car and driving around for several days having as many events and meetings as possible and eventually ending up back at the airport to fly home. This is going to be a very important part of our strategy of training as many high school and college clubs as possible, ultimately helping thousands of pro-life students!

One of the ways we can keep the costs of these trips down is by staying in host homes as often as possible instead of hotels. If you’d be willing to host one of our speakers at your home for at least one night, please fill out the survey, which will give us the information we need to plan these trips as efficiently as possible.

Thanks so much!


Josh Brahm