ERI Fellows are individuals who share the vision and mission of ERI and have specialized education and/or experience in areas such as law, counseling, philosophy, or science. Though not staff, Fellows contribute to ERI by means such as consulting, speaking, producing content, and promoting the organization. Fellows enhance both the depth and breadth of ERI’s material and increase our reach in order to benefit the pro-life movement.

John Ferrer, Ph.D.


Currently residing in Pella, Iowa with his wife Hillary, John earned an MDiv in Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary as well as a ThM and PhD in Philosophy of Religion at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. John is a life-long educator and minister having worked at the college, high school, and church levels. He also volunteers his time with Pella Pro-Life and the local … Read More

Alex Hyun

Alex Hyun, Ph.D.

Alex Hyun received his B.A. in philosophy at the University of California-Berkeley, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research primarily focuses on issues in applied ethics and meta-ethics. … Read More

Stephen Napier, Ph.D.


Dr. Stephen Napier is an associate professor of philosophy at Villanova University specializing in clinical bioethics, and epistemology (the study of knowledge). He has published two books, Virtue Epistemology: Motivation and Knowledge, and Uncertain Bioethics: Moral Risk and Human Dignity, as well as numerous peer-reviewed articles. He is working on a third manuscript tentatively titled, … Read More

Elizabeth Lollar


Elizabeth Lollar writes under a pen name. She has a master's degree in philosophy and teaches ethics at a small university. Her ever-patient and ever-loving husband stays up until the wee hours of the morning listening to her talk through whatever philosophical puzzle currently prevents her from sleeping. She has four children, three of whom are standing before the throne of God and interceding on … Read More