Operating Budget

This page will explain in more detail how we carefully spend the resources so generously entrusted to us to accomplish our mission of training pro-life advocates to think clearly, reason honestly, and argue persuasively.

Our Board of Directors goes over financial reports at every board meeting to provide oversight and accountability for how we are using our resources to best accomplish our mission.

An independent CPA will be putting together our first 990 form, which will come out later this year.

Here’s our operating budget for June 2015 through December 2015:


Salaries: This includes Josh’s salary, the Administrative Assistant’s salary and payroll fees. All of this is paid out of our general fund.

Tim and Jacob’s salaries work a bit differently. Prior to coming to work for ERI, they both used to work for Justice For All, where they raised their support the way missionaries do. They built up support teams and they were responsible for raising the support for their salaries. We made a judgment call to stick with that model for them. Naturally, this means it’s a very high priority for them to have the necessary time to raise and maintain their salaries. Josh’s salary, on the other hand, comes from the same general fund as everything else, because our board decided it was too cumbersome for him to try to raise funds for a salary completely independent from the funds he raises for the organization. So we have three funds at ERI: Tim’s support fund, Jacob’s support fund, and everything else comes from what we call the general fund.

Much of Josh’s time this fall will spent producing the course, including filming more than two dozen training videos, creating the podcast we’ll use to cover more advanced topics and answer questions, and creating the website for the course. Josh will also be training the new staff members at Students for Life of America in Washington, DC, and the entire ERI team will go to Michigan this fall to train two pro-life clubs and take them out to outreach for two days.

Office Expenses: This category includes rent, internet, cell phone, and supplies. We expect our office supplies costs to go down in the future now that we have moved from monthly to quarterly mailings.

Outreach Expenses: This category includes airfare, checked bags, a rental car when necessary, meals on the road and printed materials. (ERI brochures, seminar handbooks, etc.)

Course Production Costs: This will include hiring a professional team and their equipment to shoot our main course videos in high-def. It also includes the podcast equipment we’ll need to produce the show in-house where we will cover more advanced topics as well as answer questions from people taking the course.