Ellen Campbell


Ellen Campbell is an artist and writer living in Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated college in 2020 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in Printmaking. Her work includes themes such as faith and spirituality, identity, and finding beauty and value in the quiet moments of life. While her specialization in school was printing, she also loves working in almost any medium, especially painting.

Ellen became passionate about the pro-life cause in high school after volunteering at her community’s pregnancy resource center. Her pro-life beliefs were even further developed and strengthened after she found Josh’s pre-ERI content, and she has excitedly followed ERI since its founding. Ellen has volunteered and interned at a variety of pro-life organizations, and she loves sharing ERI’s mission, vision, and arguments with her friends, family, and peers.

After volunteering for ERI for almost five years, Ellen is excited to join the ERI staff as their Administrator.