Avery Schaub


Avery is thrilled to join the ERI team as an intern. She is from Southeastern Massachusetts and is a psychology and theology major with a minor in Catholic Humanities at Providence College (class of ‘25). Avery had always considered herself pro-life by default, but didn’t become involved in the movement until she was inspired in college by ERI’s unique approach to pro-life dialogue. After going through ERI’s courses and content, she has realized how smart, compassionate, and important the pro-life position truly is. Avery is now the President of Providence College for Life, and she loves visiting different pregnancy centers in the MA/RI area. 

Avery is currently working on an independent study class that she is calling “The Feminine Genius: On the Dignity and Vocation of Women.” This course integrates her ERI internship, volunteering at a local pregnancy center, and study of the writings of Saint John Paul II and Erika Bachiochi to develop a deeper understanding of womanhood and the human person. In addition to her studies of psychology and theology, Avery has particular interests in human nature and dignity of the human person. She hopes to use her passions to develop a career path that is oriented towards affirming and celebrating the life and dignity of each person.