Vision Statement

While our mission statement summarizes why ERI exists, our vision is a list of specific things that we intentionally set out to do to fulfill our mission. It’s not an exhaustive list of everything that we are ever willing to do. But it is a fairly complete list of what we’re trying to do as of 2020, and we aren’t going to add to it until we have the staff and resources to accomplish more things while not letting these things fail.

Here is the vision of Equal Rights Institute:

  • We seek to be respected for the quality of both our content and our character.
  • We create high-quality content based on specialized knowledge, extensive experience, and unique research and development. Our materials are designed to be accessible to the broadest possible section of the pro-life movement (both religious and secular), as well as to people who do not identify with the pro-life movement.
  • We prepare pro-life individuals to speak meaningfully and productively about abortion with those who disagree. 
  • We equip groups to inspire top-down change on the national, state, and local levels with our content and through consultation work.
  • We model how to treat people who disagree with us or who are considering abortion.
  • We provide a healthy company atmosphere and prioritize work-life balance.
  • We leverage social media and technology to expand our reach so the greatest number of people can benefit from our materials. We grow our company and individual platforms to engage positively with followers, critics, and influencers.
  • We endeavor to mobilize the church to actively help eliminate abortion.
  • We actively aid efforts to shut down abortion facilities through independent work and partnerships with other individuals and organizations.

Next, read our core values for accomplishing this mission.