Our strategy to accomplish our mission includes but is not limited to:


We engage in platform speaking events across the country to spread practical dialogue tips, rigorous philosophy and relational apologetics. These include platform speeches at conferences and Pregnancy Resource Center banquets as well as longer seminars at colleges and churches.

To learn about ERI President Josh Brahm’s speaking and to check his availability for a single event or series of short events, click here.


We have several books planned. The first book which we’ve already begun writing will be on the conversation stoppers that both pro-life and pro-choice advocates often inadvertently make that mess up their conversations.

We will also continue blogging on practical dialogue tips and pro-life philosophy. After putting the latest blogging strategies into place, the Equal Rights Institute blog is averaging 6,400 unique readers each month. We also get to see instant measurable results through the testimony of those who’ve read the blog. Click here to read some of them.

Campus Outreach

We also facilitate smaller, but much more in-depth training events. The first part will be an approximately six-hour seminar on how to dialogue well on abortion. The students learn both how to keep a dialogue about abortion productive, and how to create the best chance at persuading the person with the best arguments available to the pro-life movement. For the time being while we have a small staff, these events are limited to 30 people so that they can be mentored throughout the seminar in a small group setting where they can receive individual feedback from ERI staff.

One to two days after the seminar, we facilitate the second part of our training event: the outreach, most commonly at a nearby college campus. We bring dialogue tools on site to make it easier to start conversations, because we want our students to gain experience conversing with actual people, some of whom will disagree with them. Our staff have experience with this type of training model though their work with Justice For All, and they’ve found that the impact of a student going to outreach is often immeasurable. They get a chance to use what they’ve learned by putting it all together in a dialogue, and with the assistance of a mentor to help them when they’re struggling. They have the opportunity to better understand people that think differently than they do. And some even have life-changing experiences.

These outreaches also give ERI staff an opportunity to field-test new arguments or new ways to communicate old arguments. We will continue to experiment and train pro-life advocates in making the arguments that are most persuasive to the pro-choice college students of today.

We will be doing most of these events with Students for Life of America (SFLA) clubs. We are  very excited to be partnering with their organization, as they are doing a fantastic job supplying their 900+ clubs with resources and activism tools. ERI will work with them to expand the apologetics training materials they offer their clubs.

We are also partnering with SFLA by mentoring their Regional Coordinators at a more advanced level. These fantastic pro-life advocates are paid full-time to travel to campus clubs providing coaching and logistical support. Both of our organizations believe that mentoring these Regional Coordinators will cause our core values to “trickle-down” to the rest of the SFLA clubs.