Our strategy to accomplish our mission includes but is not limited to:


We engage in platform speaking events across the country to spread practical dialogue tips, rigorous philosophy and relational apologetics. These include platform speeches at conferences and Pregnancy Resource Center banquets as well as longer seminars at colleges and churches.

To learn about ERI President Josh Brahm’s speaking and to check his availability for a single event or series of short events, click here.


Our core content is published in two online courses:

We also write articles on practical dialogue tips, relational apologetics, pro-life apologetics/philosophy, and current events. Many of our students first engage with our content by finding one of our articles online. As of November 2020, the Equal Rights Institute blog has over 200 articles on it and has been visited by over 221,000 unique readers since we launched in 2014! We also get to see instant measurable results through the testimony of those who’ve read the blog. Click here to read some of them.

Here are some of our most popular articles:


Emerging demographics are engaging with podcasts, including long-form podcasts, more than reading articles. We’re meeting them where they’re at by publishing discussions, interviews, answers to listener questions, live speech audio, and organizational updates through our public podcast feeds. As of November 2020, our podcast episodes have been downloaded 73,500 times! Click here for links to subscribe to both of our podcasts on several platforms.

YouTube Videos

Our most recent addition is the setup of a professional video studio in our office in order to more efficiently create high-quality and free video content for our students. As of November of 2020, our YouTube channel has gained 72,956 video views totaling 6,600 hours of pro-life content watched!

Online Courses

We published the Equipped for Life Course on practical dialogue tips and apologetics in 2016, and we published the Sidewalk Counseling Masterclass in 2019. The first course includes 38 lessons (making up about 5 hours of video content), along with group activities for students to digest the material together by answering questions or doing practice together. The second course includes 16 lessons (making up about 7 hours of content), a workbook with organized notes, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, FAQ’s, and 40 practical tips. Both courses include access to a private Facebook group where students can interact with our staff and each other. As of November of 2020, 2,481 people have enrolled in at least one of our online courses!

Campus Outreach

ERI staff engage in campus outreaches, giving us an opportunity to field-test new arguments or new ways to communicate old arguments. We love R&D and a college campus is our lab. When we learn from these experiments, we can develop better training for our students to improve their conversations. We will continue to experiment and train pro-life advocates in making the arguments that are most persuasive to the pro-choice college students of today.