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Salvo Magazine: Speaking Words for Life – An Interview with Josh Brahm 

“[Josh Brahm had] come to believe that the movement itself could use some tweaking. They decided to focus on training pro-life advocates not only in making good arguments, but also in skills such as knowing when to talk and when not to, how to ask the right questions, and how to be truly engaged with those who are pro-choice.”

Dr. Charles Camosy for Crux – Taking the Catholic Pulse: Pro-lifer Worried Trump Will Seem the Face of the Movement 

“I remain concerned that Trump will be seen by our culture as the face of the pro-life movement, a movement that has been falsely called anti-woman for decades. I’m also concerned that leftists won’t see this election as a lesson that they also ran an awful candidate resulting in ridiculously low Democratic turnout, but as “proof” that half of America is racist, causing even more division.” This Man is Changing Hearts and Minds on Abortion and He Can Show You How to Do It  

“Josh Brahm is one of the most brilliant pro-life thinkers in the pro-life movement today. Not only has he developed sound philosophical lines of argument to defend the pro-life position against virtually any claim the other side offers, he’s put those arguments into practice and has actually changed hearts and minds.”

Secular Pro-Life: Introducing the Equal Rights Institute

“Josh Brahm and his colleagues are careful thinkers–not only in terms of relationship, but in terms of philosophy as well. They’ve already created what are, in my opinion, some of the stronger pro-life arguments (if you haven’t already read the De Facto Guardian paper regarding bodily rights, you should check it out). If history is an indicator, I think we can look forward to more work of this quality…if you’re interested in expanding the pro-life movement, this is one of the guys you should keep an eye on.”

Live Action News: The Equal Rights Institute: because everyone can be pro-life

“Josh Brahm has worked to train pro-lifers in critical thinking and the interpersonal aspect of the abortion debate for years. After an intense week of brainstorming with his brother, Tim, and many months of thinking through logistics, Josh has launched the Equal Rights Institute.”

Includes some exclusive quotes from Josh Brahm on balancing being open about his own Christianity while still making people of non-religious backgrounds feel included when he writes and speaks.

Kristan Gray: Helping Pro-Life People Not Be Weird

“Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, this intriguing, passionate man is worth your getting to know, because he’s just one of those guys.”

Catholic Sentinel: Befriend Those Who Disagree With You

The Catholic Sentinel sent a reporter to our first relational apologetics event with Deanna Unyk and he wrote up a story about it. It also includes some video excerpts from the event, so if you want a sneak peek at the content we will be publishing in full later, check it out!



Radio/Podcast Interviews about ERI

Life Fellowship Church: “MOCK DEBATE: Who Are You to Say What a Woman Can’t Do with Her Own Body?”

Life Fellowship Church: “Why Create Another Pro-life Group”

Life Fellowship Church: “Discussing Abortion in a Social Media World”

Life Fellowship Church: “How to Start Pro-Life Conversations the Right Way”

EWTN  – Defending Life – “How to Handle the Tough Arguments about Abortion”

Living the Gospel of Life: Podcast

WeDignify: Podcast 

Catholic Girl Talk: “How to Talk to People About Abortion – Interview with Rachel Crawford” 

Southern Fried Philosophy Podcast: “The Pro-Life Avengers”  Interview starts at 0:54:18

Southern Fried Philosophy Podcast: “Josh Brahm Saving Basketball Babies”  Interview starts at 0:23:51

Ready to Stand – Pro-Life Radio: “The Netflix Documentary “Reversing Roe” with Josh Brahm of ERI” 

Ready to Stand – Pro-Life Radio: “The Pastor Pledge with Josh Brahm” 

Connecting Faith with Carmen LaBerge: “Relational Apologetics and the Pro-life Movement with Josh Brahm”  

Ready to Stand – Pro-Life Radio: “Relational Apologetics With Josh Brahm Of ERI”  

Ready to Stand – Pro-Life Radio: “The Equal Rights Argument With Josh Brahm Of ERI” 

Ready to Stand – Pro-Life Radio: “Bodily Rights with Josh Brahm of ERI” 

Ready to Stand – Pro-Life Radio: “Understanding And Arguing Against Utilitarianism With Josh Brahm Of ERI” 

The Fetal Position Podcast: “What Makes a Person a Person? with Josh Brahm”

California Family Council Podcast – Life · Family · Liberty: “Josh Brahm and the Equal Rights Institute” 

Radio for Life – Barnabas Childs: “Equal Rights Institute” 

Houston Baptist University’s “The City” Podcast with Dr. John Mark Reynolds: The Antidote for Pro-Life Weirdness


  1. What do you mean when you say pro-lifers shouldn’t label others?
  2. Should we call anybody “pro abortion?”
  3. What would you call a pro-abortion person or abortionist to their face?
  4. What should pro-lifers be doing in dialogue?
  5. Why should we have dialogue with abortionists? Aren’t they completely wicked?
  6. Does loving our enemies mean we need to be wimpy?
  7. Isn’t this issue more urgent? Babies are dying and you’re sitting around engaging in dialogue?
  8. How are some pro-lifers weird and ineffectual?
  9. Should we start our conversations on the things we have in common?
  10. How many people do you meet on both sides who don’t base their opinions on arguments but on personal experiences?
  11. Do you see a lot of emotion in the pro-life cause that is functional, as opposed to dysfunctional?
  12. Who’s the best pro-life spokesperson from whom you’ve never gotten a check?
  13. Is this conversation so degenerate that the smart people on both sides aren’t given a chance to explain their views without using soundbites?
  14. What is a more complicated thing you would say if a radio show let you explain it without interruption?


The Schilling Show: October 16, 2014 – Hour 1


  1. How and when did the pro-life movement become important to you?
  2. Your blog is called “Clear Pro-Life Thinking.” That must be in response to something you’ve witnessed – unclear, muddled pro-life thinking?
  3. Give me a few examples of poor arguments or thinking from the pro-life side.
  4. Tell me about the reasons women have abortions and why “bodily integrity” isn’t listed as one of the reasons.
  5. What is the appropriate response to bodily rights arguments?
  6. Talk about this weird pro-life habit that you call “Fetus Tunnel Vision.”
  7. What are your thoughts on the use of graphic pictures?
  8. What is the pro-life end game? What are you trying to accomplish?
  9. What would you say to politicians who say that they’re personally against abortion but it’s a religious issue so they won’t get involved?

Click here to listen to the full interview. (15 minutes)


Heart of the Matter Radio: Good News for Prolifers


  1. How did you decide on the name, “Equal Rights Institute”?
  2. Are you worried about being confused with equal rights for blacks and whites?
  3. When you’re talking about life, you have a whole spectrum there. Are you going to tackle the issue of euthanasia at some point?
  4. What exactly is “relational apologetics”?
  5. If a lesbian came up to you and wanted to know what you think about same-sex marriage, how would you handle that?
  6. What is your background in the pro-life movement?
  7. In what ways do pro-choice college students talk differently now than they did five or ten years ago?
  8. A bodily rights argument would be when they say, “it’s my body, I can do what I want with it?”
  9. Who is your target demographic?
  10. Your training material is more intellectual?
  11. What is your greatest challenge getting this new organization off the ground?
  12. Do you have a mission statement available on your website?
  13. How can people contribute?

Click here to listen to the full interview. (30 minutes)

Click here to check out the bodily rights speech and paper Josh referenced in the interview.


Videos about ERI:

Care Net – “Do Human Embryos Deserve the Same Protection as You or Me?” 

Students for Life of America – “Stump the Pro-lifer with Josh Brahm: Bad Pro-Life Arguments.” 

The One-Minute Apologist with Bobby Conway: How Should The Pro-Life Movement Carry Itself?

The One-Minute Apologist with Bobby Conway: “What’s The Worst Pro-Life Argument?” 

The One-Minute Apologist with Bobby Conway: “What’s The Best Pro-Life Argument?” 

The One-Minute Apologist with Bobby Conway: “What Are Some Objections To The Pro-Life Argument?”