Open Staff Positions

Sometimes we have people expressing interest in working for ERI. I have a vision of where I want to see ERI down the road, and one of the things that will be necessary to get us to fill our potential is growing our team. At this point we can’t hire people who can’t raise at least a significant portion of their own financial support, but that will change as our funding increases, which is important because some of these positions would be easier to fund through support-raising than others.

If you’re interested in joining our team, either as a full-time or part-time staff member or as an intern, email Josh directly with a resume and references.


Here are some of the positions we would like to see filled:

Speakers / Writers / Philosophers

We definitely want more people on our Philosophy Team, especially good thinkers who can also write. Bringing several more people on this team, pushing against each other’s ideas, the stronger ERI will be as an organization.

Development Director

We could use a full-time person to work on making contacts and bringing funds into the organization. 

Course Coach / Scholarship Manager

This person would have two primary jobs: coach people through the course, interacting with them when they get stuck, trying to help people complete the course and listen to the podcasts. The other role would be to take over one of the things Jen is currently doing, which is tracking club’s progress through the course and managing the scholarship process. This is probably a part-time job, so this position could probably be combined with another, like the Social Media Manager below.

Social Media Manager / Comments Moderator

We need someone who can spend the time to schedule lots of social media posts, including more frequent quote pics and links to evergreen content, as well as interacting with commenters on both social media and the blog. This person would either need to have training in Photoshop or I’d pay him or her to be trained in Photoshop. This person would also process the pictures taken at events.

Camera Operator / Lighting Technician / Editor / IT

This person would set up camera and lighting equipment for film shoots, and be the primary editor of all video and audio content, including both podcasts. Ideally this person could also help carry some of the weight of the other web and IT-related tasks that often come up and currently all fall to Josh.

Logistics Support

At some point we’ll have enough events that Jacob shouldn’t be the only one helping with event logistics.