You Can Shape the Future of the Pro-Life Movement

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You’re here because you care about changing people’s minds about abortion. You believe that convincing individual pro-choice people to become pro-life saves lives by preventing abortions and is a necessary part of changing the culture to oppose abortion, and you believe that dialogue is key to creating a lasting change of heart.

Equal Rights Institute was founded on those very principles because we believe the same things as you.

We believe that one-on-one conversations about abortion are the most potent tools we have to change minds, so we’ve studied the best and most common pro-choice arguments and spent thousands of hours in dialogues honing our responses and making sure we truly understand pro-choice people.

As a result, ERI has developed the best, most persuasive arguments for the pro-life position. People like you have been using ERI’s relational approach to dialogue and finely honed arguments to change the minds of your friends, family, and community members.

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Here are some of the resources we’ve developed for pro-life advocates thanks to the generosity of our donors:

  • The Equipped for Life Course, a full-length apologetics training that takes you from the most basic to the most advanced arguments about abortion, complete with dialogue skill-building
  • The Sidewalk Counseling Masterclass, a course that equips you to save lives in front of abortion facilities
  • The Quick Response video series, which includes 29 videos, all under five minutes, helping you answer the most common pro-choice objections in an accessible way
  • The forthcoming Equipped for Life Academy, a first-of-its-kind curriculum designed to help high-school students in churches and private schools understand and persuasively defend the pro-life position, while also engaging pro-choice students

Beyond this, ERI’s Affiliate Group Program has enabled our 38 groups in the US and abroad to have thousands of conversations about abortion with pro-choice people in just the last six months.

You’re also helping us seize on powerful new opportunities to expand the reach of the pro-life message. By utilizing cutting-edge translation software, we’re going to make the best pro-life training materials available in other languages—languages that may not have much native pro-life training at all—and it’s all possible because of your financial support.

When you give to Equal Rights Institute, you’re enabling us to develop resources with the power to change minds. You’re supporting our Affiliate Groups, growing a program with the potential to transform campuses and communities across the country and beyond.

You can become part of this life-saving and culture-transforming work today. Will you help shape the future of the pro-life cause around the world?

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