Apply for a Club Sponsorship

We’ve received a lot of feedback that there are clubs who really want to take the Equipped for Life Course, but are only being held back by funding. Many club leaders are overwhelmed or too busy to add fundraising to their list. So they’re settling for whatever free resources they can find online, resources that will be less helpful to their club because they don’t cover much of what we cover in our course.

We’re asking club presidents that want their club to take the course but can’t afford it to apply for a sponsorship. These sponsorships will be paid for by our donors who are excited about helping a club grow and become more effective and motivated to do outreach on their campus.

As of January 11th, 2017, we have raised the funds for 70 club sponsorships, and we are now opening up applications for clubs to utilize these sponsorships.

Our donors want to see good results from these sponsorships though, so here is what you, as the club leader, are committing to if you apply for a sponsorship:

  1. Send a thank you note and picture of your group to the donor;
  2. Get your club through the course and have at least one outreach within six months;
  3. Send a second note after you’ve concluded your first outreach along with reflections from some of your students about their experiences talking with pro-choice people.

We have limited sponsorships available. If you’re the president of your club AND you’re okay with those three commitments, please fill out the form below to apply for a sponsorship. If you have any questions about those commitments, email Josh Brahm directly at