Sponsor a Club!

We now have a new, exciting way that you can help train clubs!

We are asking clubs that want to take the Equipped for Life course but can’t afford it to apply for a sponsorship. These sponsorships will be paid for by our donors who are excited about helping a club grow and become more effective and motivated to do outreach on their campus.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn more about how the club sponsorships will work.

Step One: Fill Out the Quick Survey Below


Step Two: Make the Donation

Either mail a check, made out to ERI, with “Club Sponsorship” in the memo, to PO Box 6081, Concord, NC 28027, or click one of the orange buttons below and follow the steps to make a donation with your credit card:


How Will the Sponsorships Work?

Here’s the problem we want to solve: We’ve received a lot of feedback that there are clubs who really want to take the course, but are only being held back by funding. They can’t usually apply for funding from the administration to buy the course in the way they can to bring a public speaker onto campus, and many club leaders are overwhelmed by the thought of fundraising or perhaps are just too busy to add that to their list. So they’re settling for whatever free resources they can find online, resources that will be less helpful to their club because they don’t cover much of what we cover in our course.

Remember what Rachel Crawford, the University of Michigan club leader, described in our November newsletter? She said that her most timid members were begging for weekly outreaches as soon as they finished part of the course! This is exactly the effect we were hoping would happen, and early reports are that that is exactly what is happening.

You could make that difference possible for one or more clubs!

So here’s how it will work. First, you call our office at 559-593-8700 or go through the two steps on this page to sponsor a club.

Meanwhile, we’ll be going through student applications for sponsorships and matching clubs with donors. If the pro-life club at Biola applies for a sponsorship and we approve their sponsorship, and a donor has paid for a sponsorship and said they’d love to support a club at Biola if possible, we’ll match them up!

One of my favorite parts of this plan is that your connection to the club doesn’t end there. No, it’s only begun. We’re not just going to give a sponsorship to any club that asks for one, or else they may not take it seriously. This isn’t a free course. It’s a high-quality production that you bought for them. But they still need to have some skin in the game, so in the application we’ll make it very clear that some strings are attached. I want the donor to be able to follow this group’s progress, so the club leader will commit to:

  1. Send a thank you note and picture of their group to the donor; (all of their correspondance will go through our office. They won’t have your address.)
  2. Get their club through the course and have at least one outreach within six months;
  3. Send a second note after they’ve concluded their first outreach along with reflections from some of the students about their experiences talking with pro-choice people.

This way you, as the donor, can actually see the impact that you made, just by making it possible for them to take our course!