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Responding to one of our most frequently asked questions: “How can I respond to the question of rape in a way that defends the unborn while showing proper respect and grief for the survivor of rape?”

The end includes a soundbite that we taught at a seminar recently, and afterwards one of the participants said that the entire seven-hour seminar was worth going to for that one soundbite.

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We’re Speaking in Missouri, Massachusetts, and a Lot in California!

We’ve already begun a busy speaking schedule for this spring. If you live near one of the cities we’re speaking in, we’d love to meet you!

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ERI Articles About the Planned Parenthood Videos

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) videos about Planned Parenthood have created a historic moment for the pro-life movement.

We Have a New Advisory Board!

We’ve purposefully put together an advisory board of people whose advice we not only respect, but who have a diverse set of experiences and areas of expertise. By having all of these people speaking into what we’re doing on an ongoing basis, we’re confident that we can direct Equal Rights Institute into becoming the best that it can be.

This advisory board is different than our Board of Directors, who meet quarterly to provide accountability, go over our financial reports, and make the decisions that only a Board of Directors can make. In contrast, the members of the Board of Advisors will meet with Josh one-on-one at least once a year to discuss our vision and offer their counsel.

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Meet Our New Staff Person!

We have a new staff member! Christina came out to join us in Michigan to both participate in the outreach and interview. It was so obvious to our entire staff that Christina is a great fit at ERI.

Christina’s primary role at Equal Rights Institute is blogging and raising the funds we need to train pro-life students through training events, campus outreaches, and book publishing.

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Six Practical Tips for Having Good Dialogues

Josh Brahm’s speech from the 2015 Students for Life of America conference in D.C. in front of 2,400 passionately pro-life college students.

1: Silence your inner monologue.
2: Rephrase what they said.
3: Find genuine common ground when possible.
4: Acknowledge the horror of rape.
5: Be intentional with your body language.
6: Be willing to jump to another topic.

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We travel the country giving speeches related to practical dialogue tips, relational apologetics, and rigorous philosophy.

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